And in the end “he” said, “FUCK IT!”

So I have been around Secondlife for a little while now and have kept the same avatar.  However i have grossly become disgusted with the creators that make men’s clothing.  Apart from a few that i can count on one hand  there really isn’t much out there.  I wont mention names or anything, however I’m just sad that after all this time there hasn’t been much improvement. So I finally decided to make a switch and grab myself a female avatar. So far it has been a ton of fun and i have found out what these females are talking about with these thirsty ass little bois playing super bad ass dom from mommies basement trying to hit you up with dumb shit.

That aside I recently went to the Gatcha Garden event currently underway and found something i felt i had to share made by AsteroidBox. Enjoy.

Style Card

Bento Piercing Set 03 (Catwa Catya) – –SU!– Somber
Chel (M) – little bones.
Kali Split Tongue (Lg) – Amy 1a – SN
HEAD Catya [With Teeth] v2.10 – CATWA 
Eyes Custom Zombie Honeycombs – ask me for more information
Taper Mesh ears – L’Etre

Heeled Trainers (Maitreya) RARE II – -NOeditiON-
(*Fitted* LARA) Swear Candy Cropped Hoodie – L&B
(*Fitted* LARA*AddOn Bra) Swear Cropped Hoodie – L&B
Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 – Maitreya
Turquoise Nancy Plaid Skirt MAITREYA – Oubliette
[Juju] Tokyo Lara Fishnet v 1.1 – [Juju]
K-Tagger – Backpack // RARE – AsteroidBox.  @ Gatcha Garden
K-Tagger – Leg Holster // Blue – AsteroidBox.  @ Gatcha Garden
K-Tagger – Respirator Mask // Blue – AsteroidBox.  @ Gatcha Garden
K-Tagger – Spray Can // Blue – AsteroidBox.  @ Gatcha Garden

-Moana- CATWA Mesh Applier – America FR- Rare – Glam Affair – Epiphany 
Custom By Joker

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